An Industry Education Partnership

Mission & Vision


SCILL’s mission is to assist in meeting the needs of local businesses, industry and the general population by fulfilling four basic functions and to assist the governmental agencies of Starke County, the City of Knox, the towns of Hamlet and North Judson and local educational institutions in providing education and training to the citizens of Starke County and its neighboring areas. To assist in meeting these needs, SCILL fulfills four basic functions:

  1. Workforce Basic Skills Training
  2. Industry Training
  3. Credit Course Work
  4. Personal Enrichment

Our mission is to offer learning opportunities that are close by, flexible and promptly responsive to the needs of employers, employees, the underemployed, the discouraged and the unemployed. We will always be responsible to and provide training catered to the needs of employers and labor force without regard to economic status, age, sex, race, religion or national origin. We aim to create a competent workforce that possesses the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes required for success on the job and to continuously develop the existing workforce by providing specialized programs that fit the needs of area businesses and industries.


SCILL’s vision is focused on developing a well-trained workforce to which employers are assured access. Well-trained workers become more employable, thereby enabling them to improve their standard of living. To achieve these goals, SCILL partners with area schools, businesses and industries, as well as local government, to continuously develop both the existing labor force and those about to enter it.